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Bathroom Renovation in Castlecrag

For this gorgeous new bathroom renovation in Castlecrag, Renovahouse’s skilled designers produced a wonderful modern concept. To give this display suite in Castlecrag a clean, minimalist, and professional vibe while still maintaining a sense of warmth and comfort, our designers used a layering of neutral tones and sleek lines. Natural materials and streamlined styling were harmoniously blended throughout the bathroom. our client’s review:

“All of the tradesmen and personnel at Renovahouse’s Bathrooms were well-equipped and organized, and they had everything our new bathroom required- tiles, glass, fixtures, and even mirrors! They were very clear about the price and possibilities right from the start, and they assisted us in designing the perfect bathroom for our home. Renovahouse’s Bathroom was recommended to me after my in-laws utilized them, and I would gladly recommend them to all of my relatives and friends. The crew was a pleasure to work with and was attentive to all of our demands and queries!”

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