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Bathroom Renovation In The Artarmon

In the picturesque and culturally diverse area of Artarmon, it’s likely you’d want the interiors of your home to match the innate beauty of the neighbourhood. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen or do a complete bathroom makeover, it’s best to leave it with professionals who have a deep understanding of the area while also taking your needs into account. Leave it with us at Renovahouse.

At Renovahouse, we provide various renovation services, such as kitchen and bathroom renovations in Artarmon, commercial renovations and complete internal home makeovers. Made up of skilled artisans, qualified designers and experienced architects, our team is dedicated to giving our clients nothing less than top-quality services. We create distinctive designs that are both visually captivating and practical for projects of any size, price range and style. This is evident in our sizable portfolio and the myriad of happy clients. 

We only utilise the highest quality goods and materials sourced from the leading companies in the industry, and we stand by all of our work with a 10-year warranty.

Why should you upgrade your bathroom

There are several reasons why it may be necessary or beneficial to upgrade your bathroom with the aid of Renovahouse:

  • Improved functionality  A complete bathroom remodelling can improve its functionality by adding features such as additional storage, more efficient plumbing and better lighting. These improvements can make your bathroom more convenient and comfortable to use.
  • Increased home value — Upgrading your bathroom can increase the value of your home. A modern, updated bathroom is a desirable feature for potential buyers and can increase the resale value of your home.
  • Energy efficiency — Upgrading bathroom fixtures and appliances can increase energy efficiency, resulting in lower utility bills. For example, installing a low-flow toilet and shower head can significantly reduce water usage and save you money over time.
  • Aesthetic appeal — A bathroom makeover can add aesthetic appeal to your home. Modern and stylish fixtures, lighting and tile can create a more contemporary and luxurious look and feel.
  • Health and safety  Bathroom renovations can improve health and safety. Replacing old, mouldy or water-damaged materials, improving ventilation and adding slip-resistant flooring can prevent health problems and accidents in the bathroom.

Overall, upgrading your bathroom can bring both practical and aesthetic benefits and may be a worthwhile investment for homeowners. To reap all these benefits and more, Renovahouse is the company to hire. With our bathroom renovations in Artarmon, enjoy an easy, seamless experience as we build the bathroom of your dreams.

Our bathroom renovation ideas to inspire your next project

There are many ways to renovate and upgrade a bathroom to improve its functionality and aesthetics. Here are some ideas for bathroom renovations:

  • Replace outdated fixtures — Replacing old fixtures like faucets, shower heads and towel racks with modern and energy-efficient ones can upgrade the bathroom’s overall look.
  • Add storage — Installing cabinets, shelves or other storage solutions can add functional space in a small bathroom.
  • Upgrade lighting — Installing new light fixtures or adding additional lighting can brighten up a dim or poorly lit bathroom.
  • Install a new vanity — Replacing an old vanity with a new one can create a focal point in the bathroom and improve storage and functionality.
  • Replace flooring and walls — Updating the flooring and walls can give your bathroom a fresh, modern look. Options include tile, vinyl plank and natural stone.
  • Upgrade your shower or bathtub — Replacing an old shower or bathtub with a new one can make a big difference in the bathroom’s overall look and functionality.

To assist you with choosing the right style for your bathroom renovation in Artarmon, Renovahouse also gives you the option to consult with some of Sydney’s top luxury interior designers, who will create a plan based entirely on your preferences and needs. 

See the Renovahouse difference

Our professional bathroom renovation services

Effective communication is vital for successful renovation projects. We work closely with our clients, starting from the project’s inception, to understand their vision and lifestyle preferences. We also maintain transparency throughout the planning and construction phases to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience in creating your ideal space.

Our team of professional architects, designers, and licensed artisans specialise in creating exquisite, high-end designs using only the finest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. If you’re searching for bathroom renovation in Artarmon or any nearby area, we invite you to contact us and schedule a consultation to begin the process of bringing your dream bathroom to life.


The timeline for bathroom remodelling depends on the scope of the project, but typically it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

If you have experience with home renovation projects, you may be able to tackle bathroom remodelling yourself. However, some tasks, such as plumbing or electrical work, may require professional assistance.

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