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Get the Five Star Look with Our Luxury Bathroom Designs Sydney

Get the Five Star look with a Luxury Bathroom Design in Sydney.


Want the five-star look for your Sydney home? Follow these five guiding principles for luxury bathroom design and you’ll renovate with style.


Who doesn’t love a lavish bathroom?

There’s nothing better than walking into a beautifully designed bathroom. The feeling, the comfort, it’s your sanctuary. The bathroom is the space where you can recharge and renew.

But suppose you’re looking to renovate, and you want a luxury bathroom design in your Sydney home. In that case, you need to understand these five guiding principles for luxury bathroom design.

Suppose you dream of a luxurious bathroom design that is both engaging & relaxing. In that case, you can take cues from some of our design inspirations. Of all the places in your house deserving a luxurious touch, your bathroom tops the list.

But what does a luxury bathroom actually entail?

An Elegant Bathroom is actually quite simple.

Even if you have a small bathroom (or you need something budget-friendly), you can transform your old, tired bathroom into a beautiful oasis. All you need to do is just be clever with your design. The trick is to keep it simple. Minimalist bathroom designs look elegant and are actually very practical at the same time. As the name suggests, it’s all about keeping things to a minimum. But the flip side to that rule is if you’re not going to have many features to look at, then the ones you do have must be excellent. So it’s quality, not quantity.

Here are some other helpful design tips and inspirations to help make your dream luxury bathroom design in Sydney come to life:

Consider using a signature piece, like a Walk-in Shower or Freestanding Bathtub.

The core of any luxurious bathroom design is a spacious walk-in shower area or a freestanding bathtub. The modern range of designer bathtubs uses various design features and materials, including cast polymer, cast iron, enamelled steel, and many more. Every material used in a signature piece should offer specific benefits related to comfort, durability, heat retention, and weight.

Moreover, you can also come across various shapes & sizes of bathtubs. Luxury bathrooms usually feature tubs that are claw-footed, freestanding or have customized shapes or designs. Alternatively, you can opt for a bath enclave, doorless shower area, or a walk-in shower area.

Use an Abundance of Tiles

The utilization of tiles has its origins in the times of the Mesopotamian civilization. Tiles form an integral component of any luxurious bathroom design. The materials of tiles for your bathroom can vary from glass to concrete, marble, terra cotta, and stone. There can be multiple finish options as well. Some are matte, hand-glazed, rugged surfaces, and edge finish.

New bathing areas have witnessed a revival of subway and penny tiles. Tiles walls & floors can help set the overall stage while taking the overall bathroom design to new heights.

Using Luxurious Materials

Luxury emanates luxury! For a timeless bathroom design, it is imperative to use luxurious materials. You can make use of high-end materials like wood and stone for an innovative and sophisticated look. Due to the overall top-notch quality, travertine, marble, and limestone are also trendy choices in designer bathrooms. For achieving a seamless finish, you can use top-class materials on the walls and floors.

Include Stylish Bathroom Furniture

Storage is an integral component of a luxurious & functional bathroom design. Therefore, you should include brilliant furniture that appears stylish and practical at the same time. When you choose bathroom furniture, you can opt for white gloss or wooden finishes delivering a timeless appeal.

Instead of fitting in standard, freestanding furniture pieces, you should consider fitted furniture to achieve a clean & organized look. If you have a small bathroom space, the presence of a wall-mounted table in the given area offers ample floor space while amplifying the look of your bathroom.

There are so many benefits to keeping it simple.

There are many benefits to having a beautifully renovated bathroom with a minimalist, elegant and simple design. With a space like this in your Sydney home, you’ll feel more organized and be able to keep it clean more efficiently. Plus, you’ll feel inspired to de-clutter the rest of your home, too!

The power of feeling organized and clean can’t be overstated. We all live in a world that is chaotic and full of distraction. To combat that, you need to have a private somewhere in your home where you can close the door, and just have some time to yourself. Such a treasured space needs to be able to stay clean and feel organised easily – no matter what. That’s exactly what simple, elegant, luxury bathroom designs can do.

If you want to feel what it’s like to walk into a shimmering, clean bathroom every morning – come and see us in the Showroom today.

We’ll look after you.

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