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The Big Challenge with Commercial Bathrooms in Sydney

The big challenge with commercial bathrooms in Sydney.


The team at Renovahouse know any commercial bathroom renovation project is a major undertaking. After all, they have completed dozens of them already right here in Sydney.


In commercial bathroom renovations, the general rule tends to be the bigger the project the bigger the challenge. But the size of the reward also goes up for those businesses who make this kind of investment.

In a residential setting, the payoff from a newly renovated bathroom comes through a combination of personal satisfaction and the increased equity you build in the property. In a commercial setting, both of those factors are absolutely prevalent, but when you calculate the increased patronage that a new commercial bathroom renovation can provide, any business can see a significant return on their investment and reap the rewards that will make overcoming any challenges well worth it.

For anyone looking to start a commercial bathroom renovation project, there are a few considerations that you need to make upfront.

Understanding Common Challenges with Commercial Bathroom Renovations in Sydney.

Unlike residential bathrooms, commercial bathrooms need to serve a large group of users without compromising on any of the functionality, privacy, accessibility, and aesthetics that you would normally expect at home. All commercial bathrooms have unique requirements, so here are some of the common renovation challenges that we have experienced in the past, and that any business can expect to run into:

Working with the Wrong Commercial Bathroom Renovation Company

There is a myriad of bathroom renovation companies across Sydney offering the assurance of top-quality services. However, all are not the same. You should seek services from the best professional contractors delivering top-quality bathroom renovations for commercial premises without compromising any other factor.

While it is tempting to choose the first available contractor, you should do some research to come across more reliable options. Based on your specific needs, you can choose the best one that fits your budget.

Old Plumbing

Does your commercial property feature old plumbing systems? It could be a major challenge during bathroom renovations. The presence of outdated features like rusted cast iron and galvanized pipes, damaged water pipelines can also be a major issue to deal with. Before you begin with the renovation project, you should ask a professional team to inspect the existing plumbing line.

Material Sourcing

Obtaining the right materials for your commercial bathroom remodelling project can be a tough task. There is a plethora of behind-the-scene materials and resources that you need to keep handy. If you are finding it difficult to do on your own, you can always hire Sydney bathroom experts to ensure a stress-free process.

Choosing the Right Layout

The selection of the perfect commercial bathroom layout is one of the major challenges that might experience during the project. You would not want the remodelling project to fail because of the wrong layout selection. Therefore, you can speak to the professional remodelling contractor and get assistance in layout selection for your commercial bathroom.

What Commercial Bathroom Renovations Should You Consider?

There are several ways in which you can enhance the aesthetics as well as the functionality of a commercial bathroom in Sydney. A remodelling project is an ideal solution for older commercial premises wherein the bathroom might not be up to the standards. The overall cost of a typical commercial bathroom renovation project might vary – depending on the overall scale of remodelling, size of the bathroom, style, layout, materials, and so more.

Some of the common commercial bathroom renovations from a professional contractor in Sydney could be:

  • Old tap replacements
  • Basin replacements
  • Replacement of old flushes and toilets
  • Repainting of specific areas
  • Installation or replacement of bathroom faucets

Always hire a professional bathroom remodelling contractor in Sydney to help you overcome these challenges and obtain the best results.


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