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Why The Black and White Bathroom is a Must for Anyone with Taste

Why the Black and White Bathroom is a Must for Anyone with Taste.


The classic black and white look has been popular on the world’s catwalks for decades.


That trend is now flowing on to interior design as Sydneysiders embrace modern bathroom design with this classic look. Using black and white tiles give you a look that appears timeless, which one of the reasons why it’s a great combination for any master bathroom or ensuite design. 

Once you’ve made a sizable investment in a new bathroom, you’re not going to want to update it anytime soon. So, it’s important to go for a colour scheme that will stand the test of time. This is especially true if you choose some of the more expensive (and luxurious) tiles in your bathroom space. 

Black and white bathroom renovations are soul mates. Just like opposite forces that are truly interconnected & interdependent. Black absorbs while white reflects. When you put them together, they can create bespoke design schemes delivering real impact.

Just think, if this simple colour combination can stand the test of time in a fast-moving, high-pressure fashion environment like a European catwalk, then it’s certainly worth considering for your own Sydney Bathroom renovation. 

Monochrome Schemes for Luxury Sydney Bathroom Renovations. 

Whether you opt for a traditional or ultra-modern style, black and white bathroom schemes are a timeless combination that works great with almost any selection of bathroom décor, fixtures and bathroom features. The black and white bathroom is a timeless choice that can be adapted to suit any bathroom design – ranging from small bathroom renovations to larger, more elaborate designs, and of course, the minimal to rustic.

One of the most notable aspects of this unique colour scheme is that it really minimizes the risks of having that OMG “I hate it” moment when you see your completed bathroom renovation for the first time. Black and white is a combination that you can hardly go wrong with. 

Additionally, this stylish colour combination in Sydney bathrooms has survived for centuries while never being dubbed as the ‘out of style’ trend. 

Expressive, elegant, and even quirky at times, here are some other reasons to revamp your bathroom with ivory & ebony shades:

#Never Goes Out of Style

Black & white is a timeless combination that will not date. It will look impressive for several years, and there will be no requirement of updating it in the coming seasons as colour trends might change. 

#Complements Functional Spaces

The graphical simplicity of monochrome shades works great in any functional space like a bathroom wherein strong angles and clean lines dominate instead of softer rooms like a living room or the bedroom.

#Calming Effect

Bathrooms are visualized as relaxation zones while also turning out to be highly functional and practical zones. There is something calming and zen-like in the absence of hues. If you visualise your bathing ritual as a relaxing and unwinding experience, you can opt for a classic black & white bathroom.


There is no denying the fact that black & white is a versatile combination. You get the opportunity to choose from patterns to stripes, chevrons to geometric patterns, and even playful patterns like floral or spots all around.

#Packing a Punch

When you are not confident about working with colours, it is relatively easier to pull off a monochrome design scheme delivering a powerful impact. The black & white combination is bold, iconic and packs an entire punch for your bathroom décor. 


Black or plain white tiles for bathrooms are cheaper in comparison to coloured or patterned tiles. Therefore, you can pull off the look in a budget-friendly manner.

The key to styling your bathroom in monochrome shades is by introducing abundant textural contrast with varying materials. 


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